QuantaLife: Virtual Meeting

QuantaLife: Virtual Meeting

November 14, 2013

THE OBJECTIVE: QuantaLife is a new company that is opening the digital PCR market and wants to spread the word fast about its groundbreaking product line.

THE CHALLENGE: Leadership wants to begin the conversion with a roadshow, and MOD.LS recommends capturing the momentum via a virtual meeting that can be seen by viewers around the world.

THE RESULT: MOD.LS helps QuantaLife successfully stage the North American roadshow and then capture the action to produce a highly interactive experience featuring speaker presentations and a system show-and-tell. The virtual meeting environment allows viewers to re-size the video and slide boxes to focus on the slide or the presenter, and to skip between talks and slides within talks. The viewer can also easily download linked PDFs and presentations and jump to external related URLs.

QuantaLife, Inc.
Strategy, in-person event planning, event recording, virtual meeting production, web user experience design, HTML email design