Eksigent: Win a nanoLC

Eksigent: Win a nanoLC

November 8, 2013

THE OBJECTIVE: After significant delays, the product launch date has finally arrived and the company needs to gain traction fast to make up for lost time and feed the sales pipeline.

THE CHALLENGE: The year’s major tradeshows have passed, much larger competitors have invested heavily in marketing throughout the year, sales reps are discouraged, and there is a lack of serious data validation and customer references at launch.

THE RESULT: As a disruptive tactic, Eksigent chose to make an offer that couldn’t be refused: 
A free instrument and support worth $160,000! While filling the pipeline with high quality leads, the Win-a-Free NanoLC contest gained the company a customer collaborator committed to sharing data and acting as reference, all while providing an exceptional public relations opportunity.

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