Eksigent: The HPLC challenge

Eksigent: The HPLC challenge

February 7, 2014

THE OBJECTIVE: Attract the market’s attention for specialty LCs with propriety core technology that provide nano-scale to high throughput performance advantages.

THE CHALLENGE: A small, private company is facing the competition of large, deep-pocketed manufacturers with combined LC/MS solutions.  While a key product launch is delayed, along with compelling content, the sales force is still expecting qualified leads to fill pipeline.

THE RESULT: HPLC Innovations Challenge is launched that educates the players on the company’s core technology advantages via an engaging game.  This scientifically intriguing contest with compelling prizes was individualized and targeted to key market segments. The game went viral with much higher than expected participation, making it possible for the field sales team to gain a deep knowledge of the prospect’s applications, budget, timeframe and decision-making authority well in advance of the huge product launch.

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