Ciphergen: reach early adopters

Ciphergen: reach early adopters

February 7, 2014

 THE OBJECTIVE: Promote a “subversive” technology that empowered biologists to perform their own research using a novel ProtienChip array instead of depending on the services of a Core or CRO.

THE CHALLENGE: Tremendous opposition was levied by large tool companies and cores that provided services to the idea of a tabletop instrument for the biologist using array technology. To combat the objections, the empowering self-discovery-to-assay capability of the platform, along with the unique capabilities of the array, needed to be clear to the new biomarker research market.

THE RESULT: A new corporate identity was created based on evocative photography of the product portfolio, with the ProteinChip array as the central image. An exciting, revitalized company identity, compelling print ads and aggressive online campaign, new website, 3-D technology animations, new tradeshow presence, users meetings and sales rallies, new collateral, and more moved the company to the top of the biomarker-based research market.


Ciphergen Biosystems, Inc.
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