Agilent: Open Genomics

November 8, 2013

THE OBJECTIVE: Enter a well-established, crowded and highly competitive DNA microarray market with a new “open source” solution.

THE CHALLENGE: New product line is innovative but not well-resourced internally in terms of marketing staff or R&D producing technology validation data.  The good news is that the early adopters are generating a plethora of  noteworthy results while using the instrumentation in  innovative ways.

THE RESULT: Led a team of internal stakeholders and outside vendors to create and deploy the “Open to Anything” campaign and, a community-building microsite and strategic positioning platform. Agilent established scientific credibility by showcasing the success of their customers using their open access DNA analysis tools. The scientifically-rich website and aggressive online, direct and print campaign resulted in first year stats of:

Unique visitors: >48,000;
Total leads generated: >2,000
Click-throughs to webcasts: >10,000
Click-throughs to podcasts: >5,000
Click-throughs to promotions/offers: >9,500
Publications on the site: >650
Increase in microarray product line’s yearly revenue: ~25%


Strategy, planning, team management, project management, budgeting management, deployment
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