our achievements


From off-the-reservation projects to complete company launches.


Created new and revitalized identities for companies such as BioInquire, Eksigent, Ciphergen Biosystems, and the Integrated Biology Solutions Group of Agilent Technologies.

Launched revolutionary products and services from DNA sequencers, LC/MS solutions, aCGH and miRNA microarrays, digital and quantitative PCR systems, SELDI mass spectrometers, nanoLCs, and advanced bioinformatics tools to whole genome and RNA sequencing services. Beyond mere product introductions, participated in the marketing effort that opened the massive protein biomarker discovery market by introducing the SELDI ProteinChip biomarker assay system.

Spearheaded highly successful  peer-to-peer and content marketing programs for Agilent’s DNA microarray platform and Thermo Fisher’s Orbitrap mass spectrometer platform.

Created breakthrough lead generation programs by developing  five interactive, web-based contests and multiple instrument/service grants and sweepstakes.

Produced engaging web experiences by building dozens of company websites for startups and  special-interest microsites for large enterprises.

Produced live and virtual events including staging more than a dozen multi-city domestic and international road shows, orchestrating nearly fifty live and on-demand webcasts, and executing over 300 trade shows and hundreds of ancillary events.

Supported sales teams of 5 to 500 with tools, training and incentive programs. Developed seminars-to-go and booths-to-go kits to help sales reps deliver over 1,000 local seminars and displays. And much, much more.

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