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BioAssociates — Tokyo, Japan

Partnering to provide marketing and research services to penetrate the Japanese life science market.

MOD.LS is proud to be in strategic partnership with BioAssociates to assist US-based life science companies in their efforts to effectively understand and reach the Japanese research market.

MOD.LS can act as intermediary to help design and execute locally-deployed marketing programs, relieving some of the burden from your US-based marketing team.

Available services include market research, marcom localization, advertising on theBioMarket.jp web portal, and market development.


Gain access to 2,000 Japanese life science researchers through web-based surveys, focus groups, and personal interviews to evaluate the need for new products and services, determine pricing schemes, estimate the quantity of consumption, identify high-demand applications, study the competition, define market segments, test creative, measure promotional efforts, and much more.

Clients utilizing the BioSurvey service experience very high response rates, with 150-300 responses standard for online surveys. With students excluded from the database, 94% of our contacts play a part in the buying process and they come from national and public institutes, along with pharma and diagnostics companies.

BioAssociates advises clients on survey design and incentives, and then helps to craft and translate the questions. Then they scour their database for the ideal candidates. The next step is to perfom the research through online surveys, focus groups or individual interviews.  Finally, BioAssociates gathers and translates the data into meaningful reports and consults with the clients on how to utilize the results in relation to the Japanese culture.

Download the BioSurvey brochure

A sampling of custom research completed for clients include:

  • Genome Research Trends in Japan and Opportunities for NGS
  • Trends and Opportunities for the Antibody and Purification Tools Market in Japan
  • Cell Biology Research Trends in Japan and Market Opportunities for New Research Instrument (Confidential)
  • Regenerative Medicine Research Trends in Japan and Market Opportunities for New Cell Culture Reagent
  • Comparison of Brand Strengths and Product Awareness of Biotech Research Tool Suppliers in Japan
  • Glyco Biology Research Trends in Japan and Market Opportunities for New Research Support Service

Take advantage of our expertise in Japanese life science marketing communications. In tandem with BioAssociates, we provide coordination and integration services for all marketing communication vehicles including websites, literature and fulfillment, online and print advertising, and more.

We can  localize your creative for the Japanese researcher or work with you to develop original creative that this unique market and culture will respond to in a positive way. We can help with meaningful calls-to-action and promotional incentives that generate a high level of response. And we can use highly skilled science writers to make sure your content is accurately represented to this market.

Localized marketing communications services include:

    • Marketing & communications strategy
    • Product positioning
    • Creative & messaging
    • Graphic design & productions
    • Media planning & negotiation
    • Localization & translation
    • Program deployment
    • ROI evaluation

You can promote your products and find prospects in Japan on the BioMarket.jp website. An innovative biotechnology website for Japanese life science researchers, this popular portal can promote your biotech-related products and services to Japanese life science researchers. Much more than just a place for a banner ad, this website can act as your entire Japanese website presence via the online “Product Mall” which you can use to showcase your offerings in the local language.

In addition, the portal features “BioQuick News Japanese-language edition.”  The e-publication reports on major life science advances around the world. BioQuick is a wholly independent publication and presently has readers in over 160 countries. BioQuick has received the prestigious APEX Awards for Publishing Excellence.

Download the BioMarket.jp brochure

Features of online advertising on BioMarket.jp:

  • Showcase extended company profiles and product descriptions in the Product Mall
  • Display slide shows
  • Submit white papers and make them available for download
  • Submit feature articles
  • Utilize the contact form to collect leads
  • Run online banners

BioAssociates can provide business consulting and marketing support services which are appropriate for the Japanese bio-marketplace such as business planning, strategic business partnering, and intellectual property rights management. Specializing in life science research tools, the team can provide comprehensive commercialization services with highly successful strategies for sales channel management, budget trend analysis, and contact to KOL. For companies interested in entering the healthcare field, BioAssociates can assist with scientific evidence reviews and communication planning.

Japan in your sites?

Let MOD.LS and BioAssociates help you reach your target.

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