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The founder of MOD.LS, Bridget Fenker, is a 20-year veteran as an employee of large and small life science companies acting in various marcom and field marketing roles. Because of this, she is adept at working within the peculiarities of a life science company that is often alien territory to most ad agency personnel.

With experience launching microarray platforms and digital PCR to mass specs, Bridget has mastered the nuances of effectively marketing to the scientific community. Moreover, Bridget understands the concerns of marketing and sales, bringing harmony and cooperation to these sometimes opposing concerns.

All this experience enables Bridget to act in a hybrid role where she can become an integral part of your internal team.

Bridget is often seen where ad agency personnel are scarce. You are as likely to find Bridget participating in a client staff meeting as a national sales meeting.

She often takes on the duties of someone on the “inside,” preparing budgets, writing project plans, and defining roles & responsibilities for both internal staff and external vendors. Bridget has even managed extensive request for proposal processes for clients looking to contract long-term services such as web development.

Once a program plan is vetted and in place, Bridget can lead your staff, leverage your favorite vendors, and recruit external resources that bring a fresh perspective. She employs the latest in online collaboration technology and project-planning tools to keep everyone connected and on-track.

This “virtual team” of your employees and external vendors can join forces under Bridget’s direction to meet the project’s goals, deliverables, timeline, and budget.

Our ultimate goal is true teamwork by dissolving the boundaries between your in-house staff and MOD.LS, your outsourced hired hands.

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No long-term contracts. No extensive RFPs. Just the help that you need. When you need it.

We’re prepared to assemble and direct a personalized team for strategy and messaging, product launches, print advertisements, roadshows, microsites, contests, collateral, identity and branding, users meetings, online communities, website, sales incentives, media planning, graphic design, exhibitions, podcasts, webinars, animations, online surveys, booths-to-go, e-marketing, direct mail, sales tools, local events, PowerPoints, and much, much more.


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