A distinctly different approach to high-performance distributed work.

In 20 years of running MarCom departments for Bay Area life science companies, the founder of MOD.LS has had to deal with the unexpected… such as a key employee resignation or major new project directive from above.

Often, finding the right resource to meet the challenge was difficult and time consuming, especially when attempting to keep the boat afloat.  Was there an easier and more efficient way to meet the ebb and flow of marketing in life scientific companies?

That’s why MOD.LS was conceived — to offer a new alternative to typical outsourced marketing communications services.

What is the MOD.LS model?

When searching for marcom support services, traditionally management had three options to choose from: (1) recruit and hire more staff, (2) contract with an expensive full service agency, and/or (3) manage disconnected freelancers and boutique service providers.

MOD.LS now offers a fourth option: Collaborate with a life science marketing expert, the Founder of MOOD.LS, who crosses the agency/client boundary to assemble and lead a high performance team of your staff and eternal vendors to meet the project requirements.

This project-based, on-demand approach means that MOD.LS can accommodate the fluctuations in workflows while eliminating the need to oversee disjointed freelancers, recruit and manage additional staff, or take on the burden of time-consuming agency RFPs and contracts. Working with MOD.LS means that there is much greater flexibility to scale-up or cutback on marketing services in response to an ever-changing list of priorities.

We’re creative and we make sure your tradeshow booth arrives on time. That’s another important distinction when you work with MOD.LS. We generate fabulous advertising concepts and construct fully integrated marketing programs, all while making sure every single detail is taken care of when executing a project for our clients.

During these days of dwindling staff and budgets, our unique service model may be able to decrease marketing costs while at the same time increasing the speed of program deployment.

our process

The team lead oversees the project management process as follows:

1. Collaborate on goals & strategy
2. Architect the deliverables
3. Create the project plan
4. Mobilize the players
5. Lead the team to meet your objectives, timeline, and budget
how are we different?